Jewelry designer finds clasps of her dreams!#bestclaspsintheworld

After taking local classes in jewelry making I started to become good enough to design my own creations, but found that the local stores and even the big online suppliers did not have any real variety in clasps, which to me are crucial to good design. It was just toggles, basic box clasps, and a few magnetics.

So when I came across these German clasps in a magazine ad, I was amazed to see their collection. Not only did they have the beautiful, imaginative and creative clasps I was dreaming about, they came in all shapes, sizes, colors and strand configurations. And they use Swarovski crystals in their designs. The only problem was that their factory was in Germany and they sold everything in euros....

But that turned out not to be a problem at all, since I was able to figure out the exchange rate and factor in the costs of shipping. And it turned out to be cost-effective to buy from them.
So now I have a collection and want to share them with the world.

Thanks for looking!

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